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Business Strategy

Creating a variety of business plans, brands and starting my own business has taught me a lot.

It is of great advantage to make the mistakes from which you can learn quite early
- Winston Churchill

But more important is: When the wind blows stronger, some build walls, others windmills.

For example, when working with start-ups, I believe that a clear answer to the following three questions is essential for the first three years.

  • What is the vision of your company and is your team aware of this vision?
  • Is your corporate design and marketing consistent and how is your brand presented by sales?
  • Do you work efficiently? What are your business processes and how do you review your performance?


I am happy to support you in the following technologies:


Liferay, Magento, WordPress & WooCommerce, Plesk, Odoo, Angular, Ionic, Xamarin and Unity3D.

Programming languages

Java, PHP, C#, JavaScript / ECMAScript, TypeScript as well as Phyton.

Web Design

UI design creates a good first impression and implies structure and trust.

Good UX design accompanies you, your employees or your customers quickly to the desired goal.

As in all areas, constant testing and improvement applies here as well. Possible by using heatmaps or simple A/B tests.

With the suited front-end technology such as Angular or also VanillaJS / jQuery, CSS3 as well as HTML5, the most beautiful web accessability presences can be implemented by me efficiently and effectively.

Print Design

Do you and your team need a logo, new flyers, a poster for a trade fair, new packaging for your products or business cards for sales? Then you are in the right place.

I primarily use programs within Adobe Creative Cloud. One reason for this is the more efficient collaboration with printing companies.

Creative Solution

I probably get my motivation from the creation of the new.

If performance can no longer be improved, then new solutions may be created. Whether your solutions can be found in the IT environment or perhaps in one of your business processes remains to be seen.

Wherever your path leads you, I can support you with creative thinking and an outside of the box approach.


Some Projects


Success is when I can offer exactly the skills that are in demand at the moment

Hello, my name is Stefan.

Creative generalist and proactive specialist.

Currently I support companies in their start-up phase or SMEs in their growth.

I started my journey by working for start-ups as well as big europe-wide operating companies and recently enhanced my skills by being an entrepreneur myself.

I love to test myself in new markets, learn new software and design skills as well as new techniques on how to efficiently increase brand awareness.

10 Years of experience

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